Top 16 Healthcare Innovator – Nate Foreman

FTS CEO Nate Foreman named as Top 16 Healthcare Innovator by the Austin Business Journal.

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FTS App wins Innovation Award!

An app developed by Foreman Therapy Services that streamlines communication between home healthcare firms and service providers received the second…

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Zuum Is the Uber of Physical Therapy

As is often the case, it was a nagging business problem that spurred Nate Foreman and several colleagues to fashion a solution with innovative…

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1 year unlimited warranty for every component. he service policies and warranty statements on this page are relevant for all Sennheiser products and Sennheiser distributed brands.


Noise reduction is the process of removing noise from a signal. All recording devices, both analog or digital, have traits which make them susceptible to noise.


Whether you have an existing pair of headphones that you would like to improve using the DIY route, or if you’re willing to spend for a specialty pair, here is a roundup of the many available methods of tangle-free headphones.