Office/Clinician Instant Messenger

  • Clinician to clinician communication
  • Clinician to office communication
  • Create Personalized groups

Credential Manager

  • Know which clinicians have expired or expiring credentials
  • Expired credential notification for office and Clinician
  • Credential approval/denial hub

Signature page manager

  • Signature pages by visits (Evaluation, ReEval, Regular Visit, Discharge)
  • GPS and Timestamp for each signature
  • Searchable signatures by date range, patient, and/or clinician

Uber – Coverage Area Feature

  • Clinician selected coverage area
  • Clinician new patient notifications though app
  • Clinician can easily communicate to office the patients they are interested in seeing
  • Office can automatically assign the most qualified “interested” clinicians using Zuum analytics and metrics

Authorization, Frequency and Scheduling Manager

  • Automatically receive frequency information from field clinicians
  • Easily manage a insurance authorizations that have been “approved”, “denied” or “sent back” to clinicians for follow up
  • Scheduling tracker

Intake made simple

  • Pending Evaluation reminder to know how many evaluations need to be completed
  • The Evaluation Expired Report feature to allow you to see which evaluations have taken too long and need your attention

Analytics at your finger tips

  • View a comprehensive map with your clinician’s Coverage areas
  • An Active patient maps lets you/clinicians see where you get most your patient referrals from

Patient Management Feature

  • Effortlessly see how many Re-evaluations are supposed to be scheduled for the week
  • 30 day re-eval report lets you/clinicians see how many 30th day re-evals are upcoming for the week
  • Hospitalized patients can be managed and toggled between “Hospitalized” and moved back into an Active Patient
  • Frequency ended report allows you to see which evaluations were not completed and needs immediate attention
  • Transfer patients between clinicians seamlessly.
  • Easily track discharged

Human Resources Center

  • Clinician credential Onboarding Process
  • The system will take clinicians from point of interest to point of hire
  • All ring is through the App
  • Customize and manage contracts to be general for all clinicians or to be specific for a clinician
  • Credential approval workflow, so that you can make an accurate hire

Fully Customizable System

  • Add company logo to system for a personalized touch
  • Easily add back office users
  • Customize outbound emails and notifications to clinicians
  • Customize HR documents for clinician onboarding process
  • Quick training for clinicians and clinician though customizable FAQs feature

Timesheet/Invoice Manager

  • Invoices automatically collected through web portal from patient signatures
  • Approve and send back timesheet/invoices